Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Search Engine Optimization in Dallas

Alan Morgan Group was developed to be the answer to what every SMB truly wants- real value for their money.  Unlike other marketing companies we will be the first to suggest things that our clients can do for free and we often assist our clients in other facets of their business in addition to marketing.

Alan Morgan Group is primarily a Dallas SEO company but advises on PPC campaigns to help our clients achieve the highest ROI possible.  We have specialized in Organic and Video search engine marketing and are able to offer our clients an extremely high ROI on every marketing dollar spent with us.  However, not every business is a good fit for SEO in general let alone AMG.  For SEO to make sense a business needs to either have a high lifetime customer value or be in a market that has a large amount of sales every month.  For example if someone is selling blue widgets for $5 and there are only 300 searches related to blue widgets then there is not enough potential revenue to justify search engine marketing.  However if you are selling blue widgets and there are 30,000 related searches a month then you should definitely looking into search engine marketing to get in front of that ocean of customers.

Some other services we offer besides SEO services are Social Media Management and Reputation Management.  Many of our clients first started with our Social media packages because we were able to take that off of their plate so they can focus on their core business competency.

Breaking into the Dallas market on the SERPs is definitely a challenge but is something that will definitely prove our capabilities and allow us to show even more rankings to our clients.  We are looking forward to expanding our digital footprint as we move up in the SERPs and claim valuable digital real estate.

The biggest competition is definitely going to be the targeted SEO companies that have been around for a while.  There are a couple companies that have pretty much locked up the

Stay tuned for updates as our business expands across the DFW metroplex.

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